Wivian’s Factory International Services

Wivian’s Factory International is a new organization created in the Milan show room with the aim to combine operational character with the best consulting solutions. Wivian’s Factory has been able to achieve this in order to meet the demands of a forward-thinking vision which reaches out to the future, towards the new markets of the globalised world.

Wivian’s Factory has been evolving consistently thanks to its key personnel consisting of highly competent people who can show their skills in different fields. As a result, the Export Manager has become a precious consultant who offers his extensive experience and a large network of contacts; therefore, he can contribute to making strategic choices, such as selecting agents and distributors in the target markets.  


Together with sophisticated Sales and Marketing solutions and communications projects related to the birth and development of every major brand, Wivian’s Factory International carefully researches the target market; this means to monitor and to study every single change of the trade marketing mix which consists of commercial relationships as well as the reaction of the contact and support media during the sales process, the strategies of the competitors with development opportunities. In addition to this complex information, even more sophisticated details come into play; the objective is to ensure that the market research does not only include the economical but also the cultural aspect of the target market, by taking into consideration the variables of social and political changes.

Only by taking a detailed photograph of the new world, which registers every single element in its view, it is possible to develop the best strategies in order to achieve realistic goals: this medium and long term activity is going to consistently represent the identity of Wivian’s factory. It is why Wivian’s Factory International operates in areas at different levels: from understanding the requirements of our customers, to analysing the action of our competitors as well as their products, services and pricing strategy; from projects for the development of marketing plans – including market trend management – to research into new markets worldwide; from brand marketing development and strengthening to brand scouting. These are just a few examples of Wivian’s Factory’s strategy.