The history of Wivian’s Factory Fashion Group’s story began in 1989 with an idea of its founder, Wivian Bodini, to revolutionize the new equilibrium in the fashion market, touching every aspect of this long journey, centred on the garment, beginning with the company that produces it and continuing beyond only selling.


Wivian’s Factory is a unique company for its type and for its ability to range between large companies and approximately 1,600 stores, creating innovative all-around services, with an attention to every detail, that does not stop at the obvious, but that works to expand a vision. The company does not limit itself to following requests but strives to anticipate the demand of an increasingly dynamic and moving market which migrates rapidly from one reality to another in an increasingly fragmented world:

“Today we are used to hearing about recession,” explains Wivian Bodini, Chair and CEO of Wivian’s Factory Fashion Group. “I am convinced that the level of consumption has only apparently decreased, and in fact there has been a shift to other sales channels, such as the outlets or the web. In the end the number of items sold has remained constant, but the places for exchange have changed; especially the relationship between a supply that has become more and more abundant and a demand that must be continually stimulated. Our job is to anticipate change and imagine solutions for developing new market opportunities “.

The objective of the company is to offer ideas, services and projects created in an innovative way, essential not only to create a customized solution, which accompanies each step, but especially to do so by following a different and unique path that is far from the traditional.